A non-invasive painless treatment that acts on cellulite increasing both blood and lymphatic circulation, thus promoting the elimination of metabolic waste.

This works by contouring the body resulting in the breakdown of fat, stretching the collagen fibres preventing the “Orange Peel” effect, giving smoother firmer skin.

Endermologie is the only anti-cellulite treatment with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval.

Samantha is fully qualified to deliver the highly popular slimming treatment, Endermologie.

Endermologie reactivates cellular activity by mechanically stimulating your skin and it  is used to enable the process of reducing the appearance of cellulite and to eliminate stubborn fat.


Is Endermologie new?

No, Endermologie has been around for over 15 years and is now in over 95 countries. treating 95-100 thousand people each year.

Is it painful?

The treatment should not be painful, however this is a personalised treatment adapted to the skin sensitivity of each client.

Does it help you lose weight?

Endermologie acts on the cellulite as well as the quality and appearance of the skin; this may be accompanied with some weight loss if a diet is followed along side the Endermologie treatment.

Is it more effective than exercise?

Exercise is obviously beneficial, but it cannot fight cellulite. So you need to combine sport and exercise with a course of Endermologie treatments.

Can it replace a diet?

Whilst a sensible diet can help maintain a healthy weight, Endermologie acts effectively on cellulite and on body shape.

Can it replace liposuction?

Liposuction techinques are designed to help with body shape and volume, but they cannot solve problems of skin appearance and cellulite. Consequently Endermologie is an excellent complement to plastic surgery.

What exactly is cellulite?

Cellulite is essentially a feminine phenomenon, cellulite results from a build-up of fat in the adipocytes (fat cells) and the retention of water in the surrounding areas. As the fat cells continue to grow, the envelopes containing them lose their shape and pull on their cutaneous anchoring points, giving the skin it”s “orange peel” appearance. At this stage, the main problem is that the process is self-sustaining as a result of a reduction in blood circulation, causing in turn stagnation of the metabolic waste, nutritional impoverishment and congestion of the connective tissue, which loses its elasticity and becomes fibrous. This extremely unsightly condition results in cellulitic areas that are unresponsive to exercise and even to the strictest slimming diets.

how can cellulite be effectively treated?

Endermologie is an effective treatment against the effects of time. By increasing local microcirculation, Endermologie restores the trophicity of the connective tissue and so improves the skins appearance and tone.

Who is endemologie for?

Anyone concerned with cellulite, sagging or loose skin and wanting to improve the appearance of the skin.